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Bong Repair with Food Grade Silicone

  1. Guys do speed in a few different ways. Basically, the way we do it depends on two things: what form the crystal’s in and which orifice we put the drug in. To oversimplify things a bit further, if the crystal is a solid, liquid or gas determines which hole we use, or hole we have to create, to get it into our bodies so we can get high.
  2. Looking like a junky shouldn’t bother people who dab. You’re freebasing THC lol the way a crack or meth user smoke their stuff. You could get a torch and a meth or crack pipe and smoke extracts the same way. I do know what you mean tho. I guess a quartz nail and a bubbler or a vape pen looks a lot classier.
  3. Glass Bowl or Bong This is for sure the easiest way to go about smoking concentrates without a rig. Load your bowl up like normal then put your shatter or wax on top of the herb. You can smoke it like you normally would and it’ll get you plenty high.

Depending on where the break is you can use food grade silicone.


This method works on areas like your joints or the tube of your bong.

Foil does work somewhat, but tends to produce an airy hit, crack vaporizes too quickly for this method, however the best way to do it is to form a cup with long handle from the foil, place the crack in it, put the straw right over it, heat from below and inhale immediately after the flame touches. Jun 1, 2016 #10. Place your lips on the opposite end of the tube. So I tend to go with making 'the machine.' Perfect way to do DMT. But if you want to smoke the crack pipe then put your finger on the carb light wait inhale.blast off. Edit: from that little few inches the smoke is going to kill you. Cant imagine having to hit that harsh of smoke from that tiny.

Food grade silicone works best when repairing cracks or notches in the glass; it’s not going to help you if you have a completely broken bong that you need to piece back together.

Bong Repair Using Epoxy

Two component epoxy is a great long lasting way to fix your broken glass bong.

When buying epoxy, though, you need to make sure that you buy an epoxy with no solvents like a food grade epoxy.

Epoxy works best on fixing bongs with clean breaks, and the joints of the bong accessories found here.

If your bong has a real jagged break, you might consider buying a glass cutter to create a clean break, and then sand it down slightly before you applying epoxy to bond the two pieces of glass together.

If your break is at the base where bong water will be, after time the epoxy will get bogged down by water and start to leak.

You can help prevent this, by keeping your bong empty in between uses.

Fixing a Bong with Duct Tape

Now, this method is if you're are in a hurry, low on funds, or if you just want to get janky with it.

Duct tape works well when fixing small cracks or cheap glass bongs.

If your break is at the base where the water stays, then this fix will only work very temporarily at best.

Fixing Your Bong with a Bucket

What? That’s right, a bucket.

You can also use a sink, Tupperware bowl, or a bathtub. Pretty much anything that holds water.

This fix, well it’s more of a workaround, is for when you break the base of your bong.

What you do is sit the bong in the water and voila, that’s it.

The water in the bucket (or whatever you end up using) acts as the base of the bong and creates an airtight seal.

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Crack pipe training kit designed to demonstrate how a glass pipe can make an effective, and safer, alternative to injecting crack cocaine. A more essential skill than ever now that COVID-19 has completely changed the risk profile of crack pipe sharing.

10cm long, the crack pipe comes pre-assembled and held firm in an attractive, discreet, and sturdy card pen box.
5 high quality fine mesh 20mm brass gauzes have been pre-prepared and inserted in the pipe - which has an inner diameter of 8mm - by being pushed down with the chopstick (also supplied), along with a spare set of brass gauzes.
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In use, the crack would be placed on the gauze, heated gently with a lighter to melt it into the gauze, and then while inhaling through the other end of the tube, heated again with a lighter through the glass. This vaporises the drug, which can then be inhaled.
When the pipe has been used for a while, there is a build up of high-quality crack cocaine residue (known as 'recycle') which has condensed on the inside of the pipe, and whenever the user wants to smoke this, they can push the gauze through to the other end with the chopstick, picking up all the recycle in the tube on the way, and then after wiping the outside of the pipe clean, they can smoke this recycle by heating the gauze, and inhaling.
Tips for effective use:
  • Make sure there are 4 or 5 gauzes in the pipe, squash them in hard with the chopstick, and make sure there is a dimple to put the rock in (this reduces the risk of it running down the glass);

Best Way To Hit Crack Pipe

  • Gently melt it all into the gauze, and then heat with the tip of the flame, and when it starts to vaporise, inhale at the same time;
  • Tip your head back a bit as you start so none melts out of the end;
  • Rotate the pipe as you heat to slow down any running down the pipe (to stop it going in your mouth as a liquid) and vaporise it all, not just one side;
  • Only put a lung full on the gauze at any one time - if you might have too much, stop heating when your lungs are about ¾ full because the heat will transfer through the glass and into the gauze for a while and it's a waste if it just floats out of the end and you can't get it in your lungs because they're full!

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This information is given, not because it's a good idea to smoke crack cocaine, but because for those who are going to take this drug, it is much (much) better to smoke it than inject it.

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