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Crestron recently released the Information Gathering Tool to help quickly gather diagnostic info and provide the best possible support for our customers. The tool does not interrupt runtime while it issues a series of device-specific console commands to provide a 'snapshot' of the device/system in its current state, and gathers persistent logs (PLOGs) to provide timestamped history. For Crestron Home and AV Framework systems it also downloads configurations and logs.
  1. Crestron Simpl Cross Compiler
This collected data can be provided to Crestron’s True Blue Support to assist with analysis & troubleshooting per OLH 1000443 - Creating & Updating True Blue Support Cases. Information Tool can and should be run at critical points in the project (initial deployment, at the beginning and end of on-site troubleshooting, periodic remote monitoring, etc.) to provide a record of configuration/settings on the captured devices for later reference.

SIMPL+ takes Crestron programming a step beyond SIMPL. Completely integrated into SIMPL Windows, SIMPL+ is a powerful language extension to Crestron's popular SIMPL programming language. Users can now combine the ease-of-use and simplicity of the graphical SIMPL language with the power and flexibility of SIMPL+. Crestron simpl windows download free. Photo & Graphics tools downloads - SIMPL Windows by Crestron Electronics, Inc. And many more programs are available for instant and free download. SIMPL# and SIMPL#Pro plugins are a bridge between the C# programming language and Crestron Control Systems®. SIMPL# is a C# library specifically designed to link to your existing SIMPL and SIMPL+® programs. Simpl Windows; May 5, 2020. Crestron Smart Graphic Controls Use links below to find direct downloads of current software versions.

Crestron Simpl Windows Software DownloadCrestron simpl windows software, free download
The Information Gathering Tool is now downloadable directly from the Crestron Website, as well as through MasterInstaller. End users will not have access to software downloads and should reach out to their Crestron Dealer for support (see OLH 1000575 - End User Support).
A full help file is included with the application, but a few features are highlighted below:

Crestron Simpl Cross Compiler

  • Autodiscovery – The application supports device autodiscovery via a button located beneath the connection settings. Selecting a device will populate the connection settings and select the appropriate command list.
  • Batch Devices – Available via the menu bar or the bottom of the autodiscovery pane, this feature allows for data to be gathered from multiple devices concurrently. This feature is especially useful for support cases as it provides a better view of the system as a whole.
  • Within the Batch Devices window a few other helpful features are available:
    • NVX Info Table – Useful for NVX troubleshooting and data gathering, this feature gathers status from all discovered NVX devices and exports it in a CSV file for analysis.
    • Device Export – Located under the Devices à Export… menu tree, a few options are available to simplify data gathering for inventory purposes, XiO Cloud usage, and address books.
  • Uploader Integration – The application tracks files that are created during its current session. By utilizing the integration with the Crestron Uploader, these files can be easily uploaded and the resulting link provided to Crestron Support to download and examine the files. In addition to the files created by the tool, the user can add other useful or relevant files such as system drawings or source code.