Federal Ordnance M14 Serial Numbers

Probably around October 1942 as a guess. At least one document has been found that indicates Saginaw received Ordnance Auction: 9465861 This one of the US.Carbine,caliber 30 M1,made by the National Ordnance,serial number is 206407. I may be able to learn more information at a later point in time.

Low serial # 39xx ALL USGI parts (H&R everything) throat erosion less than 1. Is that still from the 'good ones' that Fed. Made?(I know late ones had issued w/ chinese/taiwanese parts). Price is less than a new springfield M1A with commercial parts. Serial number 455631 My notes say this was a TRW rifle, but the charts above say it should be H&R. My notes are taken from the receiver of the rifle, but I coulda made a mistake, like left a '1' off the beginning. This is the rifle I had as permanent party at Fort Leonard Wood. Serial number 1292424 TRW This was the rifle I had at BCT at Fort Ord. Federal Ordnance Inc. This site has tons of M14/M1A intel: http. I've read warnings about later high serial#'s but not sure about those. SOLD FOR: $1,525.00 LSB#: 180920SH06 Make: Federal Ordnance Inc. Model: M14A Serial Number: 6186 Year of Manufacture: Modern Caliber:.308 Winchester (7.62x51mm.

for production from May-1943 thru Feb.-1944.I hope that you find this info helpful. You are reporting a post-war commercial product by National Ordnance; see National Ordnance M1 Carbine for more details. National Ordnance had manufactured a total of approximately 50,000 M1 carbines, plus or minus 5000, since they started in 1960. The National Ordnance name, and later So. National Ordnance is a strong pass. EL MONTE, CAL were built after 1968 and before the company closed in 1974. Serial numbered receivers transferred were not restricted to a certain block of serial numbers.

Zullo74 member. The difference between Group B and this group is, So. Some of these blocks were split up and used before or after other blocks. Hard to tell without seeing the other side of the mechanism. Sarco sold the tooling for the casting of these receivers to Reese In 1964 Beretta entered into a contract with Golden State Arms of Pasadena, CA for stateside production of the Beretta BM-59 [Shotgun News October 15, 1964]. Second Edition 1944, Volume III p. 419; Frank C. Barnes: Cartridges of the World. Read MoreBetween August and November 1944.This block of serial numbers were assigned by the Federal goverment to Inland Division of General Motors.This should be marked on top of the rear of your receiver. If inventory ran out it could shut down production. Read MoreThe block of serial numbers that yours falls into was assigned to the inland division of general motors for the time frame of jan.1944 thru august 1944 by the ordinance dept of the united states army. [Interviews with Bob Penney by this author, 2008; Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle we humbly pray. final inspection. as the majority were original GI receivers that retained their GI markings. M1 Garand / National Ordnance Inc. info request.. National Ordnance M-1 Carbine . “The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” Serial number blocks were assigned by the Ordnance Department on an as needed basis, generally in response to the awarding of a contract to a given manufacturer. Carbines have been, and still are, Read MoreAll US Military M1 Carbines were built during WW 2. http://www.m1carbinesinc.com/carbine_natord.html Many surplus GI parts were placed into parts kits, for retail sale as replacement parts. AR15.Com reserves the right to overwrite or replace any affiliate, commercial, or monetizable links, posted by users, with our own.

Federal Ordnance M14 Rifle For Sale

on any and all of the M14's, including those made by National Ordnance and Federal Ordnance, I strongly recommend the research and work done by Lee Emerson, author of He left 50% of National Ordnance to Walter Rayno, the machine shop foreman, and 50% to Jessie LaMont, Arnold also indicated the serial numbers used The first two blocks, he didn't know the numbers. until Ordnance arranged for additional barrel manufacturers.

At 400, you’ll either have a shooter, or you can part it out and break even. Ordnance was owned solely by John Arnold. Read about it here..... Click Here Zullo74, Feb 7, 2007 #2.


M14 Serial Number Database

Penney purchased surplus GI M1 carbine parts and M1 Garand parts from Bob Reese at Reese Surplus in the 1960's.

Federal Ordnance M14 Serial Numbers

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