Ford 351 Serial Number Location

221, 260, 289, 302

The 221, 260, 289 were originally designed for the Fairlane and produced only in the Cleveland engine plant from 1962-1965. The 1964 289 casting number for all 289s was C4OE-6015-C (later an F suffix). In 1965, this number was changed to C5AE-6015-E for the 289 2V, 4V and Hi-Po (note the change to full size Ford designation and 6 bolt bell housings).

In mid-year 1966 the Windsor plant also began producing 289s. The casting numbers for these were (C6AE-6015-C with a '289' and 'WF' in the lifter valley. In 1967 both Cleveland and Windsor produced 289s using earlier year casting numbers but with updated date codes. These two blocks were interchangeable, but there were probably some minor differences. Near the end of the 1967 production run, Cleveland ran out of 289 blocks and substituted their new 302 block, C8-OE-6015-A and marked with 302 in the lifter valleys. This block wasn't intended to see action until 1968.

Note these 302 casting numbers returned to the intermediate size Ford or Fairlane lineage. Hence, a late model 289 coming from the Cleveland plant might have a 302 block with 289 innards. The Windsor plant had an abundance of 289 blocks for 1967. In 1968 Cleveland only made 302s, while Windsor continued with the 289s. It appears Windsor also tooled up for 302s but the plug was pulled before they got to make any.

They did however, design and produce a 302 block that was used on 289s after the stock of 289 blocks was depleted. The number was C8AE-6015-B with 302 marking in the lifter valley. At the very end of the model year some additional 289 blocks must have been discovered as the older C6AE-6015-C blocks appeared again. In 1969 Cleveland continued with 302 production. Windsor dropped 289 production and took up the 351. In 1970 Cleveland came out with its newly designed 351.

In short:
C8AE-6015-B is a 302 block from the Windsor plant that was used in 1968 on a 289.

C8OE-6015-A is a 302 block from Cleveland from a 1967 289 or a 1968 or later 302 (check date code).

There is no code stamped on the block itself that can be used to identify the cubic inch displacement of the block. Casting numbers can be helpful, but some blocks used several different casting numbers, and in some cases, one casting is not interchangeable with the other. Engines are identified by a tag attached to the engine. This tag is used on all late 1964-1970 models and located under the coil attaching bolt. On the tag is the displacement, assembly plant, model year, change level, engine code (useful in identifying high performance engines) and date of production. This tag is easily lost or replaced with a fake tag, so don't rely solely on the tag for identification.

Cylinder Heads

Casting numbers for cylinder heads may change from year to year. For example, the code may be cast as C6ZZ-A in 1966 and C8ZZ-A in 1968 even though they are the same cylinder head. Special heads are required with emission controls from 1965-1966 for the emission system to operate properly.

Beginning in 1967, all heads have provisions for emission control systems. Casting numbers are usually the same or nearly the same as the part number. Cylinder heads cast with a '5' as the second digit were most likely installed in a 1966 model.

Pictures courtesy of Cruce Motor Rebuilding

302 V-8 Block

The casting number is located where the starter bolts up to the bell housing.

Removal of the starter is necessary to see the number

390FE V-8 Big Block

The casting number is located where the starter bolts up to the bell housing.

Numbers can be horizontal or vertical.

In some cases, they are not there at all!

1965 model 289 Head

Head casting number is under the cylinder head.
It must be removed to see it.

1965 model 289 Head

Date code location is under the valve cover.

Ford 351 serial number location 302

Casting date and foundry is located on top of the block back by the bell housing.

Casting date:

  • 1st number is the year
  • 2nd letter is the month
  • 3rd & 4th number is the day of the month.

NOTE: All numbers and specifications are as reported in the 1973-1979 Ford Truck Master Parts Catalog - Oct. All engines for 1973-1979 include an identification tag. This tag describes the C.I.D., model year, year and month of production, change level number and engine calibration information. Location: Wilmington, NC Posted April 4, 2013 The engine number was the original serial number for a Model A Ford. Often the engine has been changed, sometimes this can lead to title problems.

Serial number should be located on the left frame side bar at the rear of the left front motor support. Cars this old often had a Serial Number and a Warranty Plate. The best place to look for the Serial Number or VIN is at the front or rear of the drivers door frame. Also look around the area of the cowl/underhood firewall. Ford and Mustang casting identification. Find detail pictures and information for parts identification. Classic 60's early 70's Mustang, Shelby, Boss and Ford casting ID numbers. Covering 260, 289, 302, 351, 352, 390, 406, 410, 427, 428 and 429 engines. The 351W uses a larger main journal than the 302. There are 2 physical ways of telling a 302 vs. Also, in between the frost plugs on a 351W there will be what appears to be a triangle or diamond (the way I was told) indented cast into the block.a 302 doesn't have those.

Located on the passenger side of the block near the bell housing end of the block is the casting number. We are typically looking for D8TE-xxxx and D9TE-xxxx blocks.

Model A Ford Serial Numbers

Here is an example D7TE-XXXX block and the date pad. The casting number is hard to read here.

Another D7TE-XXXX block, different location on the same end of the block.

D7TE castings have had an issue that came out of the Michigan foundry.

Foundry casting is located with the date on the top of the block.

Ford 351 Serial Number Location 1948 Ford F1 Pickup

As long as teh casting number is a TE block, after March 2, 1977 we are safe. A TE block from the Cleveland foundry is fine with any date.

Foundry casting codes and date codes are significant for M-block engine blocks because some blocks that were cast before March 2, 1977 at the Michigan Casting Center are prone to water jacket cracking in the lifter valley area. Blocks cast at the Michigan Casting Center after that date do not have the cracking problem.

To avoid the water jacked cracking problem, watch out for engine blocks with the Michigan Casting Center foundry mark and a date code of 7C02 or earlier.

Cleveland Foundry – Casting code “CF”


Dearborn Iron Foundry – Casting code “DIF”

Michigan Casting Center – Casting code “MCC” Watch out for these castings!

Here are two examples of a Michigan casting:

Ford 351 Serial Number Location On Mercury Outboards

Here is a Cleveland casting:

Ford 351 Serial Number Location 1

Ford engine serial number lookup

Here are where Michigan castings are prone to crack: