Kris Kremers And Lisanne Froon All 90 Photos

Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon (who are, side note, so stinking cute in all their pictures that I can barely stand it) were two young women from the Netherlands. Kris, 21, had recently earned a bachelor’s degree in cultural social education with a concentration in art education, while Lisanne, 22, had recently graduated with a BS degree in. It is believed that more than 200 people lost their lives on 9/11 due to either falling or jumping from the World Trade Center. This photo, known simply as “The Falling Man” is the most well-known. Mysterious Documentation Of Their Death. In April of 2014, Kris Kremers, 21, and Lisanne Froon, 22, were Dutch tourists backpacking through. This photo of Kris Kremers was taken on April 1st, 2014 with Lisanne Froon’s phone on the same day that the girls went missing. Also, if you remember the story, you’ll remember that the girls phone records later showed that they started making their initial distress calls on their cell phones within 3 hours of initially embarking on thier hike. Kris Kremers, 21, and Lisanne Froon, 22, arrived in Boquete, Panama for a six-week stay to learn Spanish and work with local children. They stayed with a local host family. On April 1, 2014, the girls ventured out on a hiking trail known as Sendero El Pianista (The Piano Player) with their host family’s dog. The Unsolved Disappearance and Deaths of Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers In April of 2014, college graduate Lisanne Froon and her roommate Kris Kremers took a six week trip to Panama as a.


Just 3 of the 90 pictures taken on 8th April and retrieved from the memory card by the Dutch Forensic Medicine Institute show clear images.

One week after the Dutch girls Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon went missing, the camera belonging to one of them took 90 photos between 1:00 and 4:00 AM. If we calculate an average, one photo was taken every two minutes.

Just 3 of the 90 pictures taken on 8th April and retrieved from the memory card by the Dutch Forensic Medicine Institute show clear images. In the other photos, nothing can be clearly identified.


The first picture, which we will name photo 'A', was taken at 1:38 AM. The only thing to be seen is a rock surrounded by low vegetation. One minute later, photo 'B' was taken; it shows the branch of a bush over what seems to be a rock, surrounded by similar plants of that of photo 'A'. The branch has in each end a red plastic bag. Close to the branch, there are chewing gum wrappers and other papers to be seen.

With which purpose were this photos taken? Was someone trying to send a message? Is the amount of pictures taken a sign of desperation or of imminent threat?
We can't affirm the pictures were taken by Kris nor Lisanne. It could have been someone else who pressed the shutter.

Without a doubt, a proper research would help find out in which part of the path between the Pianista trail and the banks of the Culubre river -where the remains of both girls were found- , were the photos taken, thus providing important information that would help figure out what happened to the young women.


On 1st April, Kris and Lisanne visited the Pianista Trail near the well-known town Boquete, located in the panamanian province Chiriquí, close to the border to Costa Rica.
What began as a touristic hike, became a tragedy from one moment to the next. The girls who enjoyed their expedition and posed for pictures, were calling for help a couple of hours later.

No one who looks at the images, where both girls appear, can suspect that they were in danger. Nevertheless, two hours after the last photo was taken, on the same day, at 16:39 to be more accurate, Kris was dialing 112. Something was wrong. It was the first of a series of calls that the girls made to the dutch emergency line.

12 minutes later, at 16:51, other call was made, this time from Lisanne's Samsung cellphone, calling the same number.

What happened during this time, in which the adventure turned into a tragedy?

The Dutch forensic report states that 8 calls to the emergency line were made from the girls' cellphones. The last one was on 3rd April. The report also points out that it wasn't possible to obtain the position from which the phonecalls were made, nor the path that both girls followed after 1:00 PM on Tuesday, 1st April.


According to the report of the Panamanian Forensic Medicine Institute (IMELCF), a femur, a tibia and a foot belonging to Lisanne Froon -a total of 28 bones- were analysed.
Between the pathologies detected, the researchers found 'periostitis', which is a medical condition caused by inflammation of the periosteum, a layer of connective tissue that surrounds bone. It appers usually when the person accelerates their level of training, which causes the muscles to be pulled.

The IMELCF also analysed a rib and a pelvic bone belonging to Kris. No pathologies were detected in her remains, albeit organisms from the environment. In criminology, the finding of these microscopic organisms is useful to define the possible place of death.


Enrique Arrocha, lawyer of the Kremers family, wants answers. He also demands that the prosecution defines their hypothesis. He doesn't find convincing the theory that the prosecutor Betzaida Pittí -in charge of the research- sustains. She states that both girls were dragged by the river Culubre.

The lawyer takes into consideration the low levels of water that rivers have when the dry season ends, which is insufficient for dragging a body. Hence, he requested Pitti to rethink her hypothesis and run field tests that consider the time between the last photo -where both girls appear- was taken and the first emergency call.

The remains were found on the banks of the Culubre river, located on a 12 hour hike from the Pianista trail, one month after their disappearance.


The case of the young dutch girls has called the attention of a group of volunteers from several nationalities that follow the case via Internet.

They maintain a virtual debate about their theories, based on the time lapse that beholds the first day of their disappearance, the search by rescue teams, the emergency calls and a chronological map of their belongings and remains.

Within this group of volunteers, some support Arrocha's theory and state that what happened to Kris and Lisanne wasn't an accident. According to them, it is highly possible that the girls were murdered.

Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers were Dutch students.

Kris was born to Roelie Grit and Hans Kremers on August 9th, 1992. She was described as open, creative, and responsible.

Kris Kremers And Lisanne Froon All 90 Photos

Lisanne was born to Diny and Peter Froon on September 24th, 1991. She was described as aspiring, optimistic, intelligent, and a passionate volleyball player.

They were both born and raised Imagesin Amersfoort, Netherlands.
They both saved up money for six months and planned to go to Panama together on a special trip for six weeks, to learn Spanish, as well as to volunteer with children. The trip was also supposed to be a reward to Lisanne for graduating with a degree in Applied Sciences from Deventer the previous September. And Kris Kremers And Lisanne Froon All 90 PhotosKris had just completed her studies in cultural social education, specializing in art education at the University of Utrecht.
Their trip began on March 15th, 2014. For the first two weeks they were just hanging out and touring Panama before heading to Boquete to live with a host family.
On March 29th they arrived at Boquete and on April 1st they decided to go hiking near the clouded forests that surrounded the Baru volcano. They left their host family's house around 11 a.m. and taking the host family's dog with them.

This is weird because, allegedly Lisannae and Kris had prearranged to have a tour guide take them on April 2nd.

It was reported that they had been seen having brunch with two young Dutch men before embarking on the trail and even took photos with them.
The host family's dog returned that night without Kris and Lisanne. Lisanne's parents also stopped receiving text messages from Lisanne.
On April 2nd, they missed the tour with the local guide, so he went to the host family. The guide then called Lisanne's mom and asked if she knew where her daughter was and find out no one knows where Lisanne and Kris are. Now the host family and the guide go to the police about 7:30 p.m. and report Lisanne and Kris missing.
The next day, on April 3, authorities began aerial searches of the forest and local residents began searching.
On April 6th, both girl's parents fly to Panama to join the search. Along with the parents, dog units, and detectives from the Netherlands to conduct a full-scale search of the forests for ten days. The parents even offered a US$30,000 reward. The search came up empty.
KremersKris Kremers And Lisanne Froon All 90 Photos
On June 14, 2014, a local woman found Lisanne's blue backpack, which she said she had found in a rice paddy by a riverbank near her village of Alto Romero, in the Bocas del Toro region. This was a long way from where Lisanne and Kris took their hike. The woman said she was sure it wasn't there the previous day. The backpack had both girl's belongings in it. The backpack contained two pairs of sunglasses, US$83 in cash, Lisanne's passport, a water bottle, Lisanne's camera, two bras, and the girls' phones and they were all packed, dry. Everything was in good condition, which is crazy when you think that it had been ten weeks since the girls were seen.
When the police searched the girls phones, multiple calls to the local emergency number was made over multiple days. The first distress call had been made just after the girls went on their hike. None of the calls had gone through due to a lack of reception in the area except for one on April 3rd that lasted for a little over a second before breaking up.
Lisanne's phone died on April 5th at 5 p.m. Kris's phone would not make any more calls either but was surmised that it was intermittently turned on to search for reception. After April 6, multiple attempts of a false PIN code were entered into the Kris' phone. After this the correct PIN was never entered, so it obviously wasn't her that was trying to get into her phone. The last time her phone was turned on was on April 11th at 10:51 a.m. and was turned off for the last time about an hour later.
Police also went through Lisanne's camera, that was also in the backpack. She had a bunch of photos on the camera, some of them seemingly normal, like from them exploring the city. There were 90 photos taken on April 8th, between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. They were flash photos and they were taken every two minutes. No one has been able to find the reason the photos were taken. Some people said that they were probably using it as a light source. Some people say that that would make it harder to see. Another theory is that they were using it to scare off things or used to try to signal attention. In One of the photos it looks like Kris has blood on her temple.
The discovery of the backpack led to a new search along the Culebra. Kris' shorts were discovered, some say they were neatly folded on the top of a rock, some say they were in the river. Two months after that they found a boot with a foot in it and a sock on the foot. Very close to the boot, a pelvic bone was found. 33 more bones of Kris' and Lisanne's were found it that area. Lisanne's bones were found with flesh on it, but Kris' bones didn't and were bleached. Supposedly, her bones were bleached by phosphorus or lime, which can't be found in the soil there. Some experts think this might have to do with a Mexican Cartel in order to speed up the decaying process and to get ride of potential evidence. The police refused to give out the actually autopsy reports. Some people suspect this is due to the Mexican Cartel as well.

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They didn't know the area and didn't have any food or water with them, so no one has any idea how they got to where their bones were found. Police also wondered where the rest of the bones were. There were no signs of animal scavenging on the bones.
Investigators looked into the host family. Pretty much all the girl's stuff was there, so the two girls were planning on coming back. This investigation was kind of botched because the criminology team didn't do this investigation, it was some protection agency that carried it out.
Dutch authorities working with forensic and search-rescue investigators thought it likely the students had accidentally fallen from a cliff after becoming lost. Foul play could not be entirely ruled out.

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Whatever happened, i think Kris died first and maybe it was Lisanne trying to use the phone. That i so weird though, about Kris' bones being bleached. If not for that, i would say they died of the elements. I'm not really sure what happened or why and how they got that far in those kind of conditions.