Manual For Montgomery Wards Cement Mixer

Montgomery Ward 5874 1/3 CU YD Electric Cement Mixer, Electric Motor, Wood Frame And Angle Iron Mounted, Manual Dump Disclaimer This Item was not Functionally Tested and no guarantees on condition or operability are made by BigIron.

  1. Highlights from replacing the motor on my old Montgomery Ward GIL-26471A cement mixer. I found a 1/2 hp marathon motor at Tractor Supply to replaced the rust.
  2. I found the forum while searching the model number for my Wards 1/2 Cubic Foot Cement Mixer, Model GIL-26471A for information. I just got my mixer used and it WAS in great condition. I did a dumb thing and forgot to secure the mixer to my tractor's pallet forks as I was lifting it off the truck.
  3. . Montgomery Wards concrete mixer, electric. 4' poly yard roller. Poly yard cart, manual dump. (3) Pax sure flow 40 bu. Hog feeder. Franklin cattle waterer. (28) 8' wooden posts. Large quantity of pipe gates & cattle panels,. Walk through gates. Large assortment of shop & hand tools PREVIEW DATE FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 11TH.

I aquired an old Montgomery Wards small mixer that sat for thirty five years in the farmer nieghbors field. Hr has since passed. When I asked the kid about it he was not aware it was there. Find best value and selection for your Montgomery Ward Cement Mixer Used search on eBay. World's leading marketplace. Model G1L26470A, 110V electric motor, Serial 89-26470R. The mixer is small yellow utility mixer, Montgomery Ward label on the side. It looks exactly like a Gilson 59015C, for which I can find a manual.

Manual For Montgomery Wards Cement Mixer

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Montgomery Ward Cement Mixer Price

I was given a Montgomery Ward Cement Mixer, Model # 26471B: Serial # 7c13ti020. The motor (1/3hp; 1725 rpm) that was given to me looked new and in a Montgomery Ward box. However I need to know what size pulley do I put on the motor shaft? Cbse golden guide for class 9th science. The upper pulley that is attached to the mixer is 14' in diameter.

I appears that I will also need to by a v shape belt. Perhaps someone can tell me where I can secure a diagram of the cement mixer? [Email][/Email] #380628 - 06/16/07 01:20 PM Re: Montgomery Ward Cement Mixer [] Handyman Registered: 01/08/02 Posts: 756 Loc: Olathe, Kansas.

No idea on where to find a diagram, but, use this formula to determine rotation speed: Speed of drive pulley X Diameter of drive pulley _________________________________ Diameter of driven pulley So: 1725 rpm X 1 1/4' drive pulley _______________________ 14' driven pulley equals 155 drum rpm. You might check with someone that sells mixers and see what the drum speed is supposed to be. Edit: googled and found 30 rpm drum speed is apparently considered 'blazing'. One site mentioned turning a drum at high speed and said that was 12-15 rpm. Another site was selling a mixer and it was fixed at 28 rpm. You may need a slower motor? Edited by RichV ( 06/16/07 01:25 PM) #380629 - 06/16/07 01:39 PM Re: Montgomery Ward Cement Mixer [] Carpal Tunnel Registered: 12/12/03 Posts: 26439 Loc: Arizona and New Mexico.

Yeah, just remembering what my neighbor's old mixer used to turn, I can sort of recall an rpm of about 15 to 20. It was one of the 'hit-n-miss' motors that you cranked to start, but nevertheless, drum speed is drum speed. Don't want that thing spinning like a top. Not sure what available rpms are available on electric motors, as I haven't bought that many that needed to be slow.

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