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Minecraft hunger games download free download. Kontrol49's AutoM8 Automate character movement in Minecraft. Works on Vanilla Minecraft. Forge not requir. GAMES SERVERS PROFILES TEAMS PREMIUM DOWNLOADS FORUMS Games Minecraft minecraft Servers. ADVENTURE BUKKIT CREATIVE ECONOMY HARDCORE HUNGER GAMES PVP SKYBLOCK SURVIVAL TEKKIT VANILLA VANILLA-LIKE. Our Minecraft server list contains 645 servers.

Q: What is the build scale?

A: The build scale is 1:1, where 1 meter = 1 Minecraft block. We measure the dimensions using Google Earth! It's a bit tricky to find the height of buildings online so make your best judgement.

Q: What are Lioncraft features?

Dynamic and Seamless Ranking System

Student projects that allow all Columbia students to build campus together

MCEdit for use by dedicated builders

Anti-Griefing System

Top Hunger Games Minecraft Servers

Dedicated Staff

Minecraft Hunger Games Server For Mac

Awesome professor advising us

Q: How many players can your site hold?

A: We currently have about 35 Gigs of RAM and thus should be able to hold ~150 players. We will do our best to ensure that the server is a lag free experience for all and will upgrade if necessary.

Q: How do I sign up for a Minecraft account?

Getting started is about as simple as heading to minecraft.org and creating an account. Once you create an account, Mojang requires a one-time fee of $27 and then you have minecraft for the rest of your life!

Q: What Minecraft Edition is Lioncraft hosted at?

Lioncrafters use the Minecraft Java Edition

Q: I have a question about Minecraft?

Send us the question over the Slack!

Minecraft is indeed one of the most popular games to date and its attraction never seems to wane. Minecraft single player itself is already a massive, fun, and creative world with tons, tons of fascinating mods. But that is only half of the Minecraft’s goodness. To fully experience the fun of Minecraft, we cannot just ignore the wonderful realms of Minecraft servers for multiplayer. But where a beginner like us should start? Let’s find out on this list of top 10 Minecraft servers 2017!

Table of Content:
1. What are Minecraft servers?
1.1. What is Minecraft multiplayer server?
1.2. Types of Minecraft servers
2. Top 10 Minecraft Servers

1.1. What is Minecraft multiplayer server?

Insert the server here and join the fun! (Source: WikiHow)

For starters who have just begun their Minecraft journey; it’s probably wise to understand a bit about Minecraft multiplayer.

One of the reason for Minecraft multiplayer’s greatness is that players, modders can create tons of new game modes with nearly no restriction. Therefore, players like us can freely be creative and craft whatever games we like to play.

Simply put, Minecraft servers are… multiplayer servers. Each server runs just one or multiple game modes such as PvE survival, PvP, RPG, creativity games, and more…. So before choosing a Minecraft server, it is much recommended to know which type of games you like to join first.

In order to join a particular server, you normally need its IP address, add it to the Minecraft multiplayer panel, and wah-la! It’s time to have some Minecraft fun! That said, there are few server types we should know so let’s get right to it!

1.2. Types of Minecraft servers

Are you ready for Minecraft goodness? (Source: Internet)

There are quite a number of Minecraft server types. But in these days, many Minecraft servers include multiple game modes for players to choose from. Therefore, this section is for information reference only.

Private Minecraft Servers

As you may guess, private servers are for VIP only… Just kidding, it doesn’t necessary mean VIP; it just requires you to have an invitation. When you received the IP address, you can get in the server. And since these servers value “privacy”, they may change password occasionally.

Survival Minecraft Servers – PvE Servers

This is a classic game mode which we have also enjoyed in Minecraft single player. The only biggest difference is that you will try to survive with other players. Normally these servers don’t have PvP and griefing (acts of attacking other players or their creations).

In the past, one server only dedicated to PvE only or PvP only. Nowadays one server can include both PvE and PvP so this is more like a game mode, rather than an individual server.


Creativity Minecraft Servers

The official Hunger Games server |♣| - Planet Minecraft

The aim of this server type is to create playground for creativity. This type of server is simply for creative building without fear of being griefed or monster’s attack.

Role-play Minecraft Servers

Role-play servers dedicate to role-playing enthusiasts. In its most simple form, player’s ability will be limited to the role he’s playing. But nowadays we can see plenty of massive servers which operate like an individual MMORPG with missions, experience, loots, and more…

PvP Minecraft Servers – Players versus Players

This is the “holy ground” for PvP enthusiasts. A PvP server is often where players battle each other for whatever the reason. This server type has tons of new game modes from time to time, typically the Hunger Games type borrowed from the famous Hunger Games movie.

For players who enjoy a more brutal form of PvP, there are hardcore PvP servers which allow all the “goodness” of a true killing ground: stealing, pillaging, killing other players and destroying other players’ work. Since it is “hardcore” we’re talking about, if you easily disturbed by all of these acts then this hardcore servers may not be a pleasantry.

On the other hand, we have faction PvP servers which you can imagine it’s like Game of Thrones but without thrones. This is a bit more “civilized” version of hardcore PvP, and sometimes it is simply “funnier” to pillage an opponent village with ally.

Economic Minecraft Servers

Now this is a more complicated, yet also fascinating Minecraft server type. We can imagine it’s like a business land where trading is the key to success. Players will need to trade, do business with other players so that they can earn more money and buy what they need.

Mini Games Minecraft Servers

For players who just want a relaxing time, we have mini games servers which provide… plenty of mini games like platforming, parkour, puzzles, and more… Nowadays the quality of these mini games are getting better and varied so it’s best to experience them by yourself.

Some Child-Friendly Minecraft Server Types

Minecraft is often deemed as child-friendly. It may be true in term of Minecraft single player, but as you can see, Minecraft multiplayer isn’t always a forgiving place for children. Therefore there are several Minecraft servers dedicated for this purpose. Most of these servers require registration and they often prevent griefing or any other acts of aggression.

For parents, it is suggested to find Family Friendly Servers or Whitelisting servers, where registration is required and normally enlisters have to wait few hours or even days to be accepted.

Try to avoid non-Whitelist servers since players simply need to fill in the IP address to join. And naturally, these servers have more toxic and “destructive” players.

So now that we have taken a look at various types of Minecraft servers, let’s get onto our list!

*Note: All the Minecraft servers on this list are randomly put and no servers are necessary 100% better than the other.


Let’s join the Hypixel Kingdom! (Source: Internet)

Hypixel is definitely one of the most massive Minecraft servers to date with tons of game modes. This server mostly focuses on PvP and they provide whole lots of games dedicated for PvP. With the total of 19 game modes, Hypixel will definitely bring you the most exciting PvP moments. Some of the most popular game modes on this server right now are:

  • Mega Walls: 100 people in total will be divided equally into 4 teams. All 4 teams will be separated by indestructible wall within the first 10 minutes. Each team has to set up their defense during these 10 minutes. When the wall falls, 4 teams will start the war with each other. The goal of each team is to destroy the Wither kept in each team’s castle. The last survived team will be the winner. (Source: Hypixel)
  • SkyWars: Each player or team spawns on its own island and the aim is to be the last player or team alive. Players can kill each other with weapons or knocks each other off the islands. Players will gain a soul with each kill. These souls can be used to unlock many kits and perks to empower themselves. (Source: Hypixel)
  • Blitz Survival Games: The game features various maps for 16 – 32 players per round. The aim is to be the sole survivor in these battlegrounds. After 5 minutes the Blitz Star will be released which allows the finder uses powerful Blitz Attacks. (Source: Hypixel)

Overall, Hypixel is truly a fest for PvP enthusiasts. For more details, check out their website.


Do you think you are ready for the Extreme Survival? (Source: Internet)

ExtremeCraft Server currently offers survival game type with various interesting twists. Of course there is standard survival game mode, and more interestingly, the iconic SkyBlock mode. SkyBlock isn’t particularly new since it’s one of the most popular game modes to date. Basically it throws players onto a floating island where they need to survive and complete different challenges.

Besides the standard SkyBlock, ExtremeCraft also provides new version of this game like:

  • SkyGrid: A more challenging version of SkyBlock in which island is made with grids formed with random environmental blocks. Chests and spawners and randomly put throughout the map. It sounds quite chaotic, but it’s worth the fun. (Source:ExtremeCraft)
  • SkyWars: Basically it is PvP version of SkyBlock.
  • AcidIsland: Another “bizarre” version of SkyBlock where players are thrown onto islands surrounded by acid. The game provides new challenges and also, players have to deal with the acid sea. They can also use boat to travel to other islands. (Source:ExtremeCraft)

Recently ExtremeCraft is developing new game mode like RPG or Prison mode. And so it will be interesting to see what the server will bring to us in the near future. For more details, check out their website.


More games, more fun with PrimeMC! (Source: Internet)

PrimeMC is quite a huge server which provides various types of games: Survival, Kit PvP, Prison, Skyblock, Factions, and Creative. Among these 6 game modes, SkyBlock, Kit PvP, and Prison are seem to be the most popular at the moment.

  • SkyBlock: PrimeMC’s SkyBlock doesn’t have much difference than other SkyBlock games. It’s still about players being thrown onto floating islands. Then player can build up their island alone or cooperate with friends. What’s fascinating about PrimeMC’s SkyBlock is that they provide plenty of RPG elements including gears and perks. PvP is also provided where players can teleport to the particular PvP zone.
  • Kit PvP: Kit PvP is a PvP survival battle arena where people fighting each other and triumph victory. The special thing about Kit PvP is that each player can get different kit which includes gears and skills designed specifically for that kit. It’s quite a fun PvP mode and should be tried out.
  • Prison: Unlike what you may think about “prison”. This game mode is not about prison break, it is more like creativity mode where players can build up their rank and power. There is literally no particular objective in this game mode. Rather, it depends on what we would like to do. Some players want to help people; some others want to become powerful. After all, it is a free game world and you can do what you wish.

Besides these game modes, PrimeMC also includes gang system which is basically clan system. Therefore, it is also fun to bring friends into our gang and have fun.

‎Servers Hunger Games Edition For Minecraft Pocket Edition On ...

For more details, check out their website.

Grand Theft Minecraft – GrandTheftMC

Grand Theft Minecraft! (Source: Internet)

Grand Theft Auto 5 is definitely a big name and of course, such a magnificent should not be missed in Minecraft. In this server, players will be able to enjoy the great world of GTA V, but in pixels. The world in GrandTheftMC is pretty much similar to the real Grand Theft Auto. Besides exploring the awesome world of GrandTheftMC, of course players can also participate in PvP which is extremely fun, especially with your gang (provided that you are not bothered by GTA 18+ world).

Since it is a wonderful world to enjoy with many things to do and explore, it’s best to experience GrandTheftMC without spoilers. For more details, check out their website.

Mafia Craft

Back to several years ago, we have an extremely popular sand-box game: Mafia. The game is extremely old now compared to current standard. However, we can still relive the experience with Mafia Craft. And this time, we are not doing this Mafia business alone, we do it with gang.

Similar to the real gangster, players can harvest substances for drugs and sell them on black market. And of course, players can also form a gang and raid other gangs, pillaging their supplies. In overall it’s quite a brutal world. But hey! It’s mafias we are talking about, what can we expect?

For more details, check out their websites.


Behold! The great tree of Mineplex! (Source: Internet)

Talking about the top Minecraft servers, Mineplex is definitely one of the servers should not be dished out. Mineplex is such a massive Minecraft server that it is even Minecraft’s official partner. So, what does this massive server has in store?

As a “veteran” server, Mineplex features a huge variety of games, divided within 4 categories: Classics, Arcade, Survival, Champions, except for Clans which is an enhanced Faction mode. Since there are so many games, we would like to feature a bit about the most popular game of each category:

Minecraft hunger games server mac
  • Super Smash Mobs (from Classic): This one’s name is probably taken from Super Smash Bros. In this 4-player battle arena, each player can choose to become one of the 18 available mobs. Then all 4 players join in a battle, the last survived person wins. (Source: Mineplex)
  • Dominate (from Champions): This game mode is similar to “capture the node”, in which there are 5 nodes called monument spread throughout the map. Players are divided into 2 teams and each player can choose from 5 different classes: Knight, Brute, Assassin, Mage, and Ranger. By capturing a monument, players can gain points for their team. Two teams will compete with each other and the one gets the maximum points first will win the game. (Source: Mineplex)
  • Survival Games (from Survival): This mode is essentially borrowed from the Hunger Games, in which 24 players will be thrown into an arena. They have to scour chests and loots throughout the arena and try to survive. The last survived player will be the winner. (Source: Mineplex)
  • Micro Battle (from Arcade): This one is similar to the currently popular PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG). The difference is 4 teams will be thrown into a random point of the map and the final survived team wins the game. Similar to PUBG, the map boundary will be tightened. (Source: Mineplex)
  • Clans: Clans is an unique Faction mode of Mineplex, in which players assume the role of Champion classes. Similar to standard Faction games, players will form different clans, building their own bases, and pillage, battle with each other. This Clans mode also includes World Events which yield plenty of epic loots for players. (Source: Mineplex)

Needless to say, Mineplex is truly an epic Minecraft server which should not be missed. For more details, check out their website.

Pixelmon Craft

Do you like Pokemon? We do! And in fact, there is an entire Minecraft server dedicated for Pokemon: PixelmonCraft. Originally there was a mod called Pixelmon for single player. And so the team of PixelmonCraft tried to bring it to Minecraft multiplayer. There are 2 servers built based on the Johto and Kanto region in Pokemon.

So far, this server has successfully recreated the Pokemon world, including towns, areas. The gameplay is also just like what you expect from a Pokemon game: catching Pokemon, Pokemon battle, and even gym leaders battle.

If you are Pokemon fan and you prefer a MMO Pokemon world, why not try out PixelmonCraft? For more details, check out their website.

Pirate Craft

Minecraft Hunger Games Server For Mac Windows 10

Who wants to be like Jack Sparrow? (Source: Internet)

Some of us used to wish to become a cool pirate when they were kids. Finding treasure, ships battle, having “pirate-ish” fun, etc… just imagining these fun activities excite us. Luckily, the massive Pirate Craft provides us just the thing.

Pirate Craft is probably one of the most ambitious Minecraft servers to date. It recreates the world of pirates with all functionalities you expect from pirates: functioning pirate ships, ships battle, cannons, crews, pirate economy, building pirates base, and more…. The server is really impressive and it is fascinating to be a Minecraft pirate. Of course, as a pirate we should expect mischievous acts from other players, griefing, and all kinds of those stuffs. So if you have already “mentally” prepared for that, let’s get on board captain! Arggg!

For more details, check out their website.

Crafting Azeroth

We have seen many servers already and most of them are about survival, PvP, PvE (but again, those are what makes Minecraft multiplayer exciting). This time, let’s take a break from all of those battles and enjoy the gorgeous world of World of Warcraft (WoW).

If you have already played WoW, you will see that the world in this game is extremely beautiful and fantastic. With Crafting Azeroth, we can enjoy this beautiful world once again, in pixel. Crafting Azeroth is a massive project which recreates the world of WoW. Currently the server has recreated Kalimdor, the Eastern Kingdoms, Northrend, and Outland. Of course, more WoW continents will be updated soon. Since it is mainly about exploration, this server doesn’t have any sort of PvP or PvE element so you can freely enjoy Minecraft WoW without being disturbed.

For more details, check out the creator’s site.

The Hive

Map For Minecraft Hunger Games For PC-Windows 7,8,10 And Mac ...

The Hive: Where all the “murders” begin! (Source: Internet)

To complete our list, here is another massive Minecraft server which is extremely popular at the moment. The Hive server seems to focus mostly on PvP Survival game mode, featuring tons of exciting games like Classic Survival Games, Murder in Mineville, Trouble in Mineville, and more… One of the great things about The Hive is that they have dedicated lots of effort in creating various maps. These maps are highly detailed and they look extremely impressive.

Minecraft Hunger Games Server For Mac Windows 7

With the popularity and unique games, it’s best to experience The Hive by ourselves without spoilers. For more details, check out their website.

And that’s it folk! Thank you and stay tune for more news in the future!

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