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NXP’s extensive RFID partner network consists of label converters, reader manufacturers, system integrators and solution providers. HITAG ® Readers and Transponders Features a frequency range of 100 to 150 kHz (LF), plus robust performance designed for harsh environments. NXP ® has prepared a software, GUI and hardware solution to get your sensing application up and running right away. Proximity Sensing Software - Compatible with more than 300 NXP microcontrollers, the Proximity Sensing Software manages multiple configurations of touch pads, sliders, rotary positions and mechanical keys.

Tags: Sony VAIO SVD1321Z9R NXP NearFieldProximity Provider Driver for Windows 8 64-bit, download Sony VAIO SVD1321Z9R NXP NearFieldProximity Provider Driver for Windows 8 64-bit, Sony VAIO SVD1321Z9R NXP NearFieldProximity Provider Driver for Windows 8 64-bit free download, Sony VAIO SVD1321Z9R Provider Driver, Sony VAIO. This utility installs the originally shipped version of the NXP NearFieldProximity Provider software. This driver also resolves the yellow exclamation point error Device Manager Exclaimation Point.

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