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5 file types use the .art file extension.

.art Extension - List of programs that can files In the following table, you can find a list of programs that can open files extension.This list is created by collecting extension information reported by users through the 'send report' option of FileTypesMan utility.

  • 1.ArtCAM Model
  • 2.AOL Compressed Image File
  • 3.BERNINA Embroidery File
  • 4.Artifacts Artifact File
  • 5.Art Document
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  • Solution: Open the model in an older version of ArtCAM, between 2013.SP2 and 2015 R2.SP3, and re-save the model. However this is time consuming if there are multiple files re-save, so a Toolbox add-in for ArtCAM 2015 R2 was created to batch convert legacy ArtCAM Model files (.art) to ensure their compatibility with the Autodesk ArtCAM product range.
  • The emphasis of the Merl M. Files is on art and artists of the 19th century. Numerous notable individuals and institutions have donated their ephemera files to supplement the AA/PG Art and Artist Files collection, including the Allentown Art Museum, the Art Students League of New York, and the Corcoran Gallery of Art.

File Type 1ArtCAM Model

CategoryCAD Files

What is an ART file?

CAD model created by ArtCAM, a CNC (computer numerical control) program used for artistic design and manufacturing; saves a 2D or 3D model as well as instructions for a machine to cut or engrave the design; used for signs, woodworking, engraving, and jewelry.

Delcam ArtCAM is no longer developed.

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Programs that open ART files

Updated 7/17/2020

File Type 2AOL Compressed Image File

CategoryRaster Image Files

Open Art70 File

.ART File Association 2

Bitmap image file compressed by America Online (AOL); saved in a proprietary format that most image viewing programs do not recognize; can be opened within America Online by selecting 'Fileā†’Open...'

To save an ART file in a more compatible format, open the image with AOL File Viewer, choose 'Save As...' and select a different format.

Programs that open ART files

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Updated 6/7/2008

File Type 3BERNINA Embroidery File

CategoryData Files

.ART File Association 3

Embroidery design created with BERNINA embroidery software; contains a design that can be loaded into a BERNINA sewing machine and stitched onto a quilt, shirt, or other piece of fabric.

BERNINA ART files can be opened and edited with the embroidery software included with BERNINA sewing machines. They can also be opened, viewed, and printed with BERNINA's free ArtLink software.

NOTE: There are several different versions of the ART format and older version of BERNINA software may not open newer versions of ART files.

Programs that open ART files

Updated 6/4/2013

File Type 4Artifacts Artifact File

CategoryDeveloper Files
Open .art Files

.ART File Association 4

Visual Studio program bug description created with Artifacts, a file-based bug tracker; saved as an 'artifact' with a unique ID and contains a bug description in an XML format; can be categorized and filtered by labels within Artifacts.

Programs that open ART files

Updated 6/4/2013

File Type 5Art Document

CategoryVector Image Files

.ART File Association 5

Image file that may have been created by several different drawing programs; typically a vector graphic and uses points, vertices, and lines to represent the image instead of dots like a bitmap image; also used by various clipart programs.

Programs that open ART files

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Updated 6/9/2009

ART - PFS: 1st Publisher

Format introduction:

The ART format (file extension '.art') holds a single still image that has been highly compressed. The format was designed to facilitate the quick downloading of images, among other things.

Technical details:

When an image is converted to the ART format, the image is analyzed and the software decides what compression technique would be best. The ART format has similarities to the progressive JPEG format, and certain attributes of the ART format can lead to image quality being sacrificed for the sake of image compression.

Developed byAmerica Online (AOL)
Type of formatImage file formats
Associated programsGraphic Workshop Professional, AOL picture viewer
WikipediaART on Wikipedia

The list shows what formats can convert to ART and what formats can be converted from ART. Click on a link below to start a specific conversion.

# Conversion Position Type
1ART to PDFconvert from ARTconvert image to document
2ART to PNGconvert from ARTconvert image to image
3ART to JPGconvert from ARTconvert image to image
4ART to BMPconvert from ARTconvert image to image
5ART to DDSconvert from ARTconvert image to image
6ART to DIBconvert from ARTconvert image to image
7ART to DPXconvert from ARTconvert image to image
8ART to EPSconvert from ARTconvert image to image
9ART to GIFconvert from ARTconvert image to image
10ART to JP2convert from ARTconvert image to image
11ART to JXRconvert from ARTconvert image to image
12ART to PSconvert from ARTconvert image to image
13ART to PSDconvert from ARTconvert image to image
14ART to SVGconvert from ARTconvert image to image
15ART to TGAconvert from ARTconvert image to image
16ART to TIFFconvert from ARTconvert image to image
17ART to WEBPconvert from ARTconvert image to image
18ART to XWDconvert from ARTconvert image to image
19ART to ICOconvert from ARTconvert image to icon

List of unpopular conversions supported:

Art File Type

Convert from ART: ART to AAI, ART to AVS, ART to CIN, ART to CMYK, ART to CMYKA, ART to DCX, ART to EPDF, ART to EPI, ART to EPS2, ART to EPS3 and 50 more conversions.