Recon Marine Armor Fallout 4

UCO, which stands for Unified Clothing Overhaul is designed to provide players. Marine Armor is a new set you can find and use in Fallout 4’s Far Harbor DLC. It has rather good stats and comes in three flavors + legendary version. The basic version is called the Zealot’s Marine Armor. Versions with improved damage, energy and rad resistance are called Assault Marine Armor and Inquisitor Marine Armor. Finally, the third shipment of Marine Armor in Fallout 4 Far Harbor is found off the east coast, to the south. It is almost due east from the Harbor Grand Hotel, so head there and swim out one more time. Another sunken ship is found here, so head to the box on board and grab the final pieces. Now you have the best armor in the entire game of.

Explore the weapons and armor sets of the first major Fallout 4 expansion Far Harbor with these console command item IDs. These codes, if used properly in conjunction with the instructions and examples below, allow you to spawn any item into the Sole Survivor’s inventory. It’s a fairly painless process, and if you’re not the type to experiment with some of the more game-altering commands, you won’t have to worry about stability. It does always pay to be careful, so make sure to save your game before using the developer console.

These codes apply to the PC version only, and they can be a little tricky if you’ve installed lots of mods or own the other official DLC packs issued by Bethesda. We’ve broken down how the form id function works in relation to mods and add-ons in the introductory guide, but if you’re looking for more complex uses for the developer console, check out our guide for advanced commands in Fallout 4.

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DLC Item Console Codes | All Weapons & Armor Cheats

On PC only, Fallout 4 features the developer console, a tool used by Bethesda for testing purposes. Just like in the previous game, every weapon and apparel piece come with an associated content ID. If you have the proper ID, it’s easy to cheat and spawn in any and all items.

If you’re new to console commands, check the step-by-step instructions for a simplified explanation to get you started, then keep scrolling to find the complete list of DLC item content IDs to help you spawn in (almost) every weapon piece and armor set in Far Harbor.

How to Spawn Items Using Console Commands

Start spawning stuff fast with our quick console command breakdown.

  1. Open the console command input window; press [`] or Tilde
  2. The game will pause and a prompt will appear in the lower-right corner of the screen.
  3. Input: player.addItem [Content ID] [###]
    1. player.addItem = This console command spawns the desired item into your inventory.
    2. [Content ID] = Every item in Fallout 4 has a unique content ID. Find the full list of Content IDs for Far Harbor weapons and armor listed below.
    3. [###] = This is the amount of items you will spawn into your inventory.
  4. For example, if you want to spawn a Harpoon Gun in your inventory, type the following command:
    • player.addItem ##010b81 1
      • ## refers to the FORM ID. Depending on the number of mods / expansions installed, your load order will be different.
    • To resolve this issue, simply test your Far Harbor load order number by testing the following commands:
      • player.addItem 01010b81 1
      • player.addItem 02010b81 1
      • player.addItem 03010b81 1
      • player.addItem 04010b81 1
      • Etc.
  5. Once you learn the FORM ID of Far Harbor, replace all Far Harbor Content ID [##] entries with your particular number; 01, 02, 03, 04, and so on.
  6. If you only have Far Harbor installed and no mods or additional expansions, your LOAD ORDER number will be [01]. Ex. player.addItem 01010b81 1

Far Harbor Exclusive Weapons – Console Item Content IDs List:

[UPDATE: June 21st – Added many new weapon & armor Item ID codes.]

All DLC / Mod content IDs begin with a two-digit FORM ID number. Check the instructions above to find your Far Harbor FORM ID and replace the first two “##” in the content ID numbers below.

  • ##054072 Bear Trap
  • ##0540f7 Bleeding Bear Trap
  • ##009582 Bloodletter
  • ##05406e Caltrops
  • ##010b81 Harpoon Gun
  • ##02c8b0 Lever Action Rifle
  • ##0442cb Lucky Eddy
  • ##02c8b0 Meat Hook
  • ##009582 Pole Hook
  • ##0540ed Poisoned Caltrops
  • ##025fc4 Radium Rifle

Far Harbor Exclusive Armor & Apparel – Console Item Content IDs List:

Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for new item IDs!

All DLC / Mod content IDs begin with a two-digit FORM ID number. Check the instructions above to find your Far Harbor FORM ID and replace the first two “##” in the content ID numbers below.

  • ##00cc05 Acadia’s Shield
  • ##022601 Atom’s Bulwark
  • ##0570d3 Black Fisherman’s Overalls
  • ##0570da Brown Fisherman’s Overalls
  • ##048234 Chase’s Uniform
  • ##04fa88 Coastal Armor
  • ##04b9b3 The Captain’s Hat
  • ##05159b The Dapper Gent
  • ##00914e Fisherman’s Outfit
  • ##00914 Fisherman’s Overalls
  • ##0570d4 Green Fisherman’s Overalls
  • ##0570d9 Grey Fisherman’s Overalls
  • ##0391e8 High Confessor’s Helm
  • ##0391e6 High Confessor’s Robes
  • ##046027 Hunter’s Long Coat
  • ##04e698 Hunter’s Pelt Outfit
  • ##0247c5 Inquisitor’s Cowl
  • ##04b9b1 Legend of the Harbor
  • ##04fa89 Lobster Trap Helmet
  • ##03a556 Marine Wetsuit
  • ##03a557 Marine Wetsuit Tactical Helmet
  • ##04262b Pirate Hat
  • ##0247c8 Robes of Atom’s Devoted
  • ##043331 Vault 118 Jumpsuit
  • ##00914c Wool Fisherman’s Cap

Trapper Armor:

  • ##00ee79 Chest Piece
  • ##00ea36 Leathers
  • ##00ea78 Right Leg
  • ##00ee77 Left Leg
  • ##00ee76 Right Arm
  • ##00ee75 Left Arm
Fallout 4 recon marine armor locationAssault marine armor fallout 4

Trapper Heavy Armor:

  • ##00f04e Chest Piece
  • ##00f04d Right Leg
  • ##00f04c Left Leg
  • ##00f04b Right Arm
  • ##00f04a Left Arm

Zealot’s Marine Armor:

  • ##009e5b Chest Piece
  • ##009e5a Right Leg
  • ##009e59 Left Leg
  • ##009e57 Right Arm
  • ##009e56 Left Arm

Assault Marine Armor:

  • ##009e5b Chest Piece
  • ##009e5a Right Leg
  • ##009e59 Left Leg
  • ##009e57 Right Arm
  • ##009e56 Left Arm
  • ##009e58 Helmet

Inquisitor’s Marine Armor:

  • ##009e5b Chest Piece
  • ##009e5a Right Leg
  • ##009e59 Left Leg
  • ##009e57 Right Arm
  • ##009e56 Left Arm

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HomeGuidesFallout 4 Far Harbor Marine Combat Armor Location Guide

Fallout 4 Far Harbor Marine Combat Armor Location will guide you to finding all the parts.

In this guide will help you find the Fallout 4 Far Harbor Marine Combat Armor location that you can find it in this DLC. The Marine Combat Armor has 3 different sealed shipments chests that you will need to find in the game to be able to unlocking the complete and full Marine Combat Armor set. See below on how to find the Marine Combat Armor Location:

TOC: Far Harbor Walkthrough | Marine Combat Armor Location |Action rifle Location | Atom’s Judgement Location | Admiral’s Friend

Fallout 4 Far Harbor Marine Combat Armor Location

Marine Combat Armor Left and Right Leg Locations

The Fallout 4 Far harbor Marine Combat left leg and right leg are both located inside a chest which is located in the combat armor ship that is in the river. To get to the shipment where the marine combat left and right legs are located you will go to your pip and in the map section you will choose haddock cover which is in the island river or ocean. You will swim to the ship that is in the water and dive in the water and access the ship through a small door that is under water and on the side of the boat.

Marine Combat Armor Helmet, Chest and Wetsuit

The Fallout 4 Marine Combat helmet, chest and wetsuit you will go to the Rayburn Point that is located north of the left and right leg sealed shipments. Swim north and you will see a big container in the water which in side has a sealed shipment chest that has the Marine Armor Chest Piece, marine Armor Helmet, Marine tactical helmet and the Marine Wetsuit


Assault Marine Armor Fallout 4

Marine Combat Armor Left Arm and Right Arm

The Fallout 4 Marine Combat left and right arm location to finding the last parts of the Marine Combat Armor pieces of the shipments are located in your map that is east to the map and are in the Harbor Grand Hotel. Inside the Sealed Shipment you will find the Marine Armor Left Arm and the Marine Armor Right Arm. Once you acquire the last two parts of the marine combat armor you will have all the pieces to having yourself the full armor.

Fallout 4 Recon Marine Armor Location