Sap Serial Number Status Esto

Your organization use serial numbers for internal and external purposes. You have to update this data periodically to make sure that warranty is up-to-date. This article we will show you how to search for the serial number record that need to be updated and helps to maintain all aspects of the serialized materials in one easy to manage way.

You can list serial number of record for your materials using IQ08 SAP Transaction code or follow SAP menu path.


IQ09 (Display Material Serial Number) is a standard SAP transaction code available within R/3 SAP systems depending on your version and release level. Below for your convenience is a few details about this tcode including any standard documentation available. In-order to use this transaction within your SAP system simply enter it into the.

Logistics->Customer Service->Management of Technical Objects->Serial Numbers->List Editing->Change

  • Sap Serial Number Status Table You can display the serial numbers which can be used using Select serial numbers This is when the stock check for serial numbers is set to '2' in the IMG for profile 0004 HUs.
  • Most bicycles have their serial number engraved beneath their bottom bracket, but sometimes serial numbers are found in other places. Here are some examples of where and what to look for. The bottom bracket (where serial numbers are typically located) is circled. Sap Serial Number Status Esto Battlefield 3 English Language Pack.
  • Delete the serial number profile in MM02: Message number is M3418. Change the Serial number profile from one to another: We get the same message number M3418 but as a warning. Double clicking the status message, We get to see the recommendation to use the standard report – Copying of the Changed Stock Check Flag ‘RISERNR9’.
  • Serial number profile in material master and allocate to plant/store with status 'ESTO'. Now make Sale order (ZOR) in company code 2000 against that PO and devilvery made with serial numbers now status become 'ECUS' and fianlly billing using billing type 'F2'. Now receive material against PO in MIGO and.would like to receive the same.

Like the SAP Reports, selection parameters on the first screen will help make this transaction run properly, you can entered as much as detail possible, when finished with selection data click EXECUTE or press F8. The report list of serial number records will show.

Now you can maintain serial number data, so you need to select data and go to menu Goto->Details or press Ctrl+Shift+F1. this menu will show you the screen for CHANGE EQUIPMENT : Serial Number Detail.

In this screen you can change the serial number data, after you’ve finished change serial number data, press SAVE.

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Sap Serial Number Esto

I am following the below step:
1. Serial number profile is created.
2. Assigned sales order procedure (SDAU) and delivery proceedure to serial number (SDLS).
3. Profile is assigned in material master record
4. Assume there is a stock of 10 quantity without serial number (you can do 561 for initial stock posting )
5. IQ01 created serial number for all the 10 stock.
6. VA01 created sales order for one quantiy
7. Assigned one serial number for this material
8. Sales order is saved and delivery and PGI is done for the same serial number and material
9. MMBE stock is reduced with one quantity
10. MB51 if check the material document in serial number TAB i can see a message that 'The material is managed in serial numbers'

So now my question is why I can't see serial number in material document? How can able to see that? what is the configuration required?

Whatever settings you have maintained is correct. I shall share as to what happens in our business process.

VA01- Sales order
Vl03 - Delivery
LT03- Transfer Order

After transfer order there is a transaction used ZL02 where in the delivery number is entered and on executing, a screen pops up asking for the serial number. Here we enter the serial number maintained for the material and is got from MMBE. And the serial number is captured for the material.

Pls check for the serial numbers in MMBE and I suppose a program needs to be created by an ABAPer for the serial number to be fetched and a transaction to be
created and associated with the program.

I need Serial Number Profile tables as soon as possible.

T377P - Serial Number Management Profiles
T377P_T Texts for Serial Number Management Profiles
T377X Documents Allowed for Serial Number Management
T377X_T Texts for Serial Number Management Documents
T5KSN ROE Serial Number

SERI Serial Numbers
EQBS Serial Number Stock Segment
EQSE Serial Number Records

IQ09 - Check Material Serial No

Sap Serial Number Status Table

In outbound delivery, post goods issue failed because of serial number, but this serial number was not assigned to any other material.

Sap serial number status estoy

Check the serial number and material with IQ03. Serial number is material specific.

When I looked at the IQ03, for the serial no '#162559019S.', I realized that the status is still remain as EDEL and ESTO.
Supposingly, the status should only has ESTO. Is there a way to remove the status 'EDEL'?

Go to IQ02, do the following steps:

1. Go to edit -> Special serial number function -> manual transaction
2. Choose 'to stock'

The status should be ESTO now. Try it.

EDEL status shows that it is assigned to a delivery. Change it by going into IQ02 --> Edit --> Sp.Serial number Functions --> Manual Transaction and make it 'to stock'

If the serial number has status EDEL ESTO that means the serial number is assigned to the Delivery, reversal PGI has not been completely performed.

Once you do that then only this will come as ESTO.

Please check your SD document flow if all the documents have been reversed.

Click the Status of Serial Number Master record.

Sap Serial Number Status Table

- ESTO status In the warehouse. means .. open..
- EDEL (Assigned in delivery note). According to this status, transaction 'Goods issues' is not allowed.
- ECUS At customer site