X Com Ufo Defense Cheats Steam

  1. This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for X-COM: UFO Defense for PC.If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction.
  2. Sep 04, 2012 X-COM: UFO Defense Saved Game Editor. Publication date 1994 Topics DOS extras 'This program is intended to be used as an editor of the SOLDIER.DAT portion of the UFO saved game. It should be fairly straightforward to use. If you need any help, F1 will bring up a (rather terse) help screen. Upon loading the program, you will be prompted to enter.
  3. Buy X-COM: UFO Defense as a Steam Key. You are in control of X-COM: an organization formed by the world's governments to fight the ever-increasing alien menace. Features: Command deadly.
X Com Ufo Defense Cheats Steam

X Com Ufo Defense Free

Steam Kurator; DLH Team; Store; Cheats & Spielehilfen. X-Com, Ufo Defense. X-Com, Ufo Defense 16:52:35 B XCOM: UFO Defense The UN-official Strategy Guide and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions works great as a Supplement to the Official Strategy Guide! Updated Feb-01/95. 10.Oktober 2008. X-Com, Ufo Defense. Successful ground assault missions will allow X-COM scientists to analyze alien items. Each new breakthrough brings you a little closer to understanding the technology and culture of the alien races. Once you have sufficient research data on the UFO's superior weapons and crafts, you'll be able to manufacture weapons of equal capability. X-COM on youtube As hinted in the above note, X-COM has made quite a few inroads on youtube. First we have Ziocody's introductory videos to UFO Defense where he demonstrates his strategies for the beginning of the game. He also goes on to complete a couple of UFO. This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for X-COM: UFO Defense for PC.If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction.

The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, tricks, and secrets for XCOM: Enemy Unknown for PC. If a UFO is spotted in a country you do not have much defense in or you want to lower panic somewhere else (by completing the mission to clear it), reload a previous saved game. Steam achievements.


X-com Ufo Defense

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X-COM: UFO Defense All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews. Introduction - This guide is designated to help those, who stuck in X-COM:UFO Defense game. This guide is tested on X-COM: UFO Defense, which is included in X-COM Collectors Edition. Since I don't have the older version, so I can't test on it.

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X Com Ufo Defense Cheats Steam Download

Game Shark Codes
Infinite CashD000E110 2000
800CEE36 0FFF
Infinite Time Units 1st Soldier 80019A12 2240
Infinite Stamina 1st Soldier80019A14 4000
Infinite Shots 1st Soldier 800146CC 0014
Infinite Time Units 2nd Soldier80019A8E 243A
Infinite Stamina 2nd Soldier80019A90 4400
Infinite Shots 2nd Soldier800146DC 0012
Infinite Time Units 3rd Soldier80019B0A 283C
Infinite Stamina 3rd Soldier 80019B0C 3B00
Infinite Shots 3rd Soldier800146EC 0014
Infinite Time Units 4th Soldier80019B86 2432
Infinite Stamina 4th Soldier80019B88 3A00
Infinite Shots 4th Soldier800146FC 0014
Infinite Time Units 5th Soldier 80019C02 1B33
Infinite Stamina 5th Soldier80019C04 2E00
Infinite Shots 5th Soldier8001470C 0014
Infinite Time Units 6th Soldier 80019C7E 1D32
Infinite Stamina 6th Soldier80019C80 4300
Infinite Shots 6th Soldier8001471C 0014
Infinite Time Units 7th Soldier80019CFA 1C34
Infinite Stamina 7th Soldier80019CFC 3500
Infinite Shots 7th Soldier 8001479C 0006
Infinite Time Units 8th Soldier 80019D76 283C
Infinite Stamina 8th Soldier 80019D78 4400
Infinite Shots 8th Soldier8001461C 000C
Infinite Time Units 9th Soldier80019DF2 2135
Infinite Stamina 9th Soldier80019DF4 2E00
Infinite Shots 9th Soldier 8001471C 000E
Infinite Time Units 10th Soldier 80019E6E 1B38
Infinite Stamina 10th Soldier 80019E70 2900
Infinite Shots 10th Soldier 8001472C 000E
Infinite Elerium 115 80010DE4 00DC
Infinite Time Units (All Soldiers) 800516FC 0000
8004C5B0 0000
800493A8 0000
Infinite Stamina (All Soldiers)80051704 0000
Infinite Stingray Launchers80010D6C 270F
Infinite Avalanche Launchers80010D6E 270F
Infinite Cannons80010D70 270F
Infinite Fusion Ball Launchers80010D72 270F
Infinite Laser Cannons80010D74 270F
Infinite Plasma Beams80010D76 270F
Infinite Stingray Missiles80010D78 270F
Infinite Avalanche Missiles80010D7A 270F
Infinite Cannon Rounds80010D7C 270F
Infinite Fusion Balls80010D7E 270F
Infinite Tank/Cannons80010D80 270F
Infinite Tank/Rocket Launchers80010D82 270F
Infinite Tank/Laser Cannons80010D84 270F
Infinite Hovertank/Plasms80010D86 270F
Infinite Hovertank/Launchers80010D88 270F
Infinite Pistols80010D8A 270F
Infinite Pistol Clips80010D8C 270F
Infinite Rifles80010D8E 270F
Infinite Rifle Clips80010D90 270F
Infinite Heavy Cannons80010D92 270F
Infinite HC-AP Ammo80010D94 270F
Infinite HC-HE Ammo80010D96 270F
Infinite HC-I Ammo80010D98 270F
Infinite Auto Cannon80010D9A 270F
Infinite AC-AP Ammo80010D9C 270F
Infinite AC-HE Ammo80010D9E 270F
Infinite AC-I Ammo80010DA0 270F
Infinite Rocket Launchers80010DA2 270F
Infinite Small Rockets80010DA4 270F
Infinite Large Rockets80010DA6 270F
Infinite Incendiary Rockets80010DA8 270F
Infinite Laser Pistols80010DAA 270F
Infinite Laser Rifles80010DAC 270F
Infinite Heavy Lasers80010DAE 270F
Infinite Grenades80010DB0 270F
Infinite Smoke Grenades80010DB2 270F
Infinite Proximity Grenades80010DB4 270F
Infinite High Explosives80010DB6 270F
Infinite Motion Scanner80010DB8 270F
Infinite Medi-Kits80010DBA 270F
Infinite PSI-Amps80010DBC 270F
Infinite Stun Rod80010DBE 270F
Infinite Electro-Flares80010DC0 270F
Infinite Heavy Plasmas80010DCE 270F
Infinite Heave Plasma Clips80010DD0 270F
Infinite Plasma Rifles80010DD2 270F
Infinite Plasma Rifle Clips80010DD4 270F
Infinite Plasma Pistols80010DD6 270F
Infinite Plasma Pistol Clips80010DD8 270F
Infinite Blaster Launchers80010DDA 270F
Infinite Blaster Bombs80010DDC 270F
Infinite Small Launchers80010DDE 270F
Infinite Stun Bombs80010DE0 270F
Infinite Alien Grenades80010DE2 270F
Infinite Mind Probes80010DE6 270F
Infinite Sectoind Corpses80010DEE 270F
Infinite Snakeman Corpses80010DF0 270F
Infinite Etereal Corpses80010DF2 270F
Infinite Muton Corpses80010DF4 270F
Infinite Floater Corpses80010DF6 270F
Infinite Celatid Corpses80010DF8 270F
Infinite Silacoid Corpses80010DFA 270F
Infinite Chryssalid Corpses80010DFC 270F
Infinite Reaper Corpses80010DFE 270F
Infinite Sectopod Corpses80010E00 270F
Infinite Cyberdisk Corpses80010E02 270F
Infinite UFO Power Sources80010E0C 270F
Infinite UFO Navigations80010E0E 270F
Infinite Alien Food80010E12 270F
Infinite Alien Entertainment80010E16 270F
Infinite Alein Alloys80010E1C 270F
Infinite Personal Armor80010E20 270F
Infinite Power Suits80010E22 270F
Infinite Flying Suits80010E24 270F
  • 2XComUtil

General Notes on Steam Distribution of XCom Series Games

Take Two's 2K division is the current owner of all the XCom series of games.

2K have made the games available via Valve's Steam service, at http://store.steampowered.com . (The exact link is currently on the main page of this UFOPaedia.)

X com ufo defense cheats steam locomotives

The cost is $4.99 per game, or the entire collection of 5 games for $14.99.

In the Steam distribution, the XCom executables and game files are found in e.g. 'C:Program FilesSteamsteamappscommonx-com terror from the deepTFD' and 'C:Program FilesSteamsteamappscommonxcom ufo defenseXCOM'.

XCom 1 (UFO Defense / Enemy Unknown) is the DOS 1.4 version, from strategycore.com.

XCom 2: Terror From The Deep (TFTD) is also a DOS version, possibly the version sometimes called 'TFTD Beta'.

Steam provides anti-cheat functionality to prevent modification of the games distributed via Steam. However this fortunately does not seem to be fully implemented for the XCom series. The game executables are patched to force them to chain to the Steam launcher first, and the Steam launcher chains to a file configured by Steam (in runme.dat). However the target file can be changed to point to a different target, or the target file can be overwritten (e.g.by the contents of runxcom.bat).

The game data files themselves can be edited using standard tools such as XCOM Hack / TFTD Hack, and the command line version of XComUtil. The data file changes are then correctly picked up by the game.




XCom 1 works fine. Just edit dosbox.conf autoexec, after you install using xcusetup. The only issue may be problems seeing messages or prompts from runxcom.bat if you opt to use the inter-executable actions such as xcomutil after-combat messages, or autocombat.

TFTD is now pretty much as described for XCOM 1 (see below for full details).

XCom 1

Copy xcomutil files into the 'XCOM' subdirectory of the 'xcom ufo defense' installation directory. Open a command window in the XCOM subdirectory and run XCUSETUP. It should work normally.

Then edit the autoexec section of dosbox.conf, replacing:


Launching XCom 1 from Steam should now provide all the normal RunXCom features.

There may be issues if runxcom needs user input during the black screen between Battlescape and Geoscape. You will probably be unable to see any messages or prompts. Just hit enter. If that doesn't work, hit ctrl-C. If you want to see what the prompt was, check xcomutil.log.


TFTD is now also distributed on Steam as a DOSBox version, possibly the version identified as 'TFTD Beta' which apparently includes some research tree bug fixes. Again, after copying all xcomutil files to the 'TFD' (sic) sub-directory and running XCUSETUP, edit the autoexec section of dosbox.conf and replace 'call terror.bat' with 'call runxcom.bat'.

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X-com Ufo Defense Cheat Codes

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