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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 43 Seasons1894 EpisodesRomancePGStarPlus Based on Manju Kapoor's Custody, this is the story of Raman and Ishita, brought together by destiny and their love for Ruhi, Raman's daughter from his ex-wife. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25 December 2016 Full Online Episodes,Video watch online Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th December 2016 latest new ful Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25 December 2016 Full episode Online - Munat Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25 December 2016 Star Plus Today Episode.

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The Episode starts with Ashok getting angry knowing Shagun is at Bhalla house. Parmeet laughs and says it will be fun now to see the drama, it will be a full adult movie, Pati Patni aur woh. Ashok asks the servant where is Shagun. Suraj comes and says I will say, she will run to Raman in every problem. Ashok asks why and when did she go. Suraj tells what Shagun did and she has left, even when he tried to stop her. He says how will it be if she goes to Raman always, leave her. Ashok says I want to know why did she go to Raman, did she not think about me, I can’t stand that Raman. Suraj says he will kick out Shagun from this house, I can’t let my brother’s life be ruined for that woman.

Shagun wakes up and asks Ramdeen to get lemon water. Raman stands at the door. She sees him and asks what are you doing at my home. Ishita comes and Raman asks her to service Shagun. Ishita gives lemon water to Shagun. Raman says tell her its my home, not Ashok’s, we are not her servants. He asks Ishita to keep his clothes ready. Shagun asks how did I come here. Ishita says you were drunk, in bad state, no driver and when I took you home, don’t know what happened between you and Ashok, Suraj stopped your entry and guards did not allow you.

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Shagun says what, why did you bring me here, is there no hotel in Delhi. Ishita asks her to sort out her life. Raman says if not then Ishita’s NGO is always on. He asks her to hurry up. Ishita tells Raman that she understands why he is angry, but. Raman says bring any drunkard home, if its man, then you sleep in hall, if its woman, I will sleep in hall, fine. She says she is not stranger, she is Ruhi’s mum. He says no, you are Ruhi’s mum, what if Ruhi sees her. She says she is not at home. Raman says you are idol of sacrifice. Amma comes and asks them to get ready and come for Mihir and Mihika’s marriage, as they are the witnesses. She asks the Bhalla to come. She says Mihika is looking good, what if its court marriage, its big day for her.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Online Episodes

She asks Ishita to wear the saree Raman gifted her on Varalaxmi. She asks Mrs. Bhalla to come soon and is shocked seeing Shagun coming out of Ramam’s room. She asks Ishita what is she doing here. Ishita says you go home, I will explain you later. Ashok comes there and Shagun looks at him. Parmeet smiles. Ashok says Shagun, lets go, I came to take you. Mrs. Bhalla taunts him. Amma asks whats going on Ishu. Ishita asks her to go home. Parmeet welcomes Ashok. Raman comes in between and asks Ishita did you call him to have food in this Dharam shala. Ashok says she came to take Shagun. Raman says is this your duty, to leave your fiancée on road, thank me for keeping me, don’t stare at me, you don’t have anhy respect.

Ashok taunts on their old love story. Mr. Bhalla asks Ashok to be in limit. Ashok says Shagun is with me since 6 years and I took her infront of you and even today. Raman gets angry and holds his collar. Ishita stops him and asks Shagun to leave with Ashok. They leave. Raman gets angry on Ishita and says Ashok did this to me, because of me, don’t do this social work in my house else no place for you in my house. Na hai gham koi……………. Plays…………… Mihika comes and acts happy. Ishita says everyone knows about your court marriage. Mihika says its 5min formality. Ishita says everyone is happy, even Raman and everyone will come. They agree and say we will come. Mihika takes Amma and leaves. Ishita cries.

Ishita comes to her room and sees Raman annoyed. She says I m very sorry, I did not know you will be hurt so much. She says you are trying to forget everything. I did not think and revived your wounds, I mean 6 years. He says what happened, lecture not ready or not in mood to say, get ready, we have to go in Mihir’s marriage. He says he would have got Shagun here to shut her mouth. She smiles. He leaves.

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Everyone come in the court. The man calls them. Mihir asks how much time will you take. The man asks Mihir and Mihika to come. Everyone talk there. Amma says the man looks Tamilian and talks to him. The man says Arora and Iyer, Punjabi and Tamilian. He says did she not get any south Indian guy. Amma says its love and shows Ishita and son in law Raman. The man says he is good. She says Raman Bhalla, CEO of the year. The man says even he is punjabiu, don’t they get tamilian guys. He says he will show the papers to registrar and it can happen today itself.

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Mrs. Bhalla says lets have sweets. Mihika says Mihir will get icecream for everyone. Raman says is it birthday party. Ishita says it should be full lunch party. Bala and Vandu come in late. Raman says lets go in. The man calls them inside. They go to the registrar. Raman says we are witness for the marriage. The man says there are problems in papers. Mihir asks what. Mihika says about her passport. Raman says can I see, I m his brother. The man says you don’t know someone from family objected for this marriage. Everyone is shocked. He shows a paper to them. Raman and Mihir see it. He says Mihir’s sister did this objection, her lawyer have sent these papers some time back.